Bed Bugs? Don't Fret.

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If you've spotted the telltale signs of bed bugs, you're probably already feeling overwhelmed. Are you imagining months of stressful treatments? Don't worry. 1 All State Termite & Pest Control, LLC will handle everything for you. Count on us for bed bug treatment in Gibsonton, Brandon & Riverview, FL or the surrounding areas.

Don't let pests stay in your home for another day. Schedule a safe, effective liquid bed bug treatment by calling 813-661-7410 right away.

Why you need a bed bug exterminator

Are you thinking about using home remedies to get rid of bed bugs? It's not for our own job security that we advise you to hire a professional bed bug exterminator. The fact is that even the best DIY bed bug removal tricks will only prolong your infestation. How?

  • Moth balls, alcohol and tea tree oil will kill some adult bed bugs, reducing bed bug visibility.
  • Then, the eggs hatch, the nymphs grow, and the bed bug population swells again.
  • Bed bugs infest your furniture, bedding, carpeting and clothes all over again.

Home remedies create more work and stress for you, until you end up calling in the pros anyway. Save yourself the headache and call a bed bug exterminator in Gibsonton, Brandon & Riverview, FL today.